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If you or someone you know is looking for employment, the local companies below have a number of openings for their Wisconsin and Minnesota operations listed on their website. 

Riverside Electronics

Trueline Inc.

Logistics Health Incorporated

Benchmark Electronics

Trane / Ingersoll Rand

HGST a Western Digital company


For a full listing of local companies visit our employment page.  If your company has openings to post, please contact the newsletter editor or internet liaison.
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"Tell me how you measure me and I will tell you how I behave."  
              -Eliyahu Goldratt

"Quality is never an accident.  It is always the result of intelligent effort."   
             -John Ruskin

"Popularity is not an indication of quality."
             -Vanna Bonta
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Why become ASQ certified? 

Maybe the better question is to ask yourself why you would not become certified. 

Benefits to you: 

  • Provides Objective Evidence of Training and Competence 
  • Source of professional and personal pride 
  • Investment in career 
  • Mark of technical excellence 
  • Assurance that you are current with emerging technologies 
  • ASQ certification is endorsed by more than 125 corporations 
  • Better Position Yourself for Changes During Your Career. 
  • ASQ certified professionals earn more money than their uncertified counterparts. 


  • Certification allows the time spent within ASQ to be effectively aligned and leveraged to the benefit of your career. 
  • The process of gaining certification exposes you to areas of quality tools and principles you may not have ever used or 
  • knew existed. 

Benefits to your Company: 

  • Investment in the company’s future 
  • Allows individual to perfect and share new techniques in the workplace 
  • Provides organization with knowledgeable employees who are able to assure product and service quality 
  • Customers recognize ASQ certification as a plus to their supplier’s ability to perform. 

What it buys you:

  • A Competitive Advantage 
  • Peer Recognition 
  • Increased Skills and Abilities 
  • Career Advancement 
  • Demonstrated Proficiency in Quality 
  • Focus for Professional Development 
  • Enhanced Career Opportunities 
  • Enhanced Problem Solving Skills 
  • Marketable and Transferable Skills 
  • All training, education counts to maintain all certifications simultaneously. Can be an one-time only examination for each certification by staying active in the Quality profession. 

The process is simple, straightforward and inexpensive. Give yourself a competitive advantage and become certified!
Be sure to check out the new training opportunities posted on the Education page!  You'll find links to register for workshops and webinars that will enable you to further benefit your organization with certification! Give yourself or your personnel the in-house knowledge and skills to undertake and lead your Quality Management System audits and improve your quality standards!
Great Harvest Bread Co. of La Crosse is a freedom franchise and locally owned by entrepreneur Jennifer Williamson, who liked the idea of baking and serving fresh, healthy bread and sweets.
The bakery and store opened its doors on January 31, 2014 and has been making fresh bread daily on site every day since. The store sells several varieties of handcrafted bread each day, along with sweets and made-to-order sandwiches.

The team comes in at 4:00am each morning to grind the wheat and begin the bread baking process. They hand knead each and every loaf using the best ingredients for your family. The basic breads only have five simple ingredients: wheat, honey, yeast, salt and water. Their bread does not contain preservatives or additives, and there are NEVER dough conditioners or high fructose corn syrup in anything they make.

Great Harvest is based in Dillon, Mont., and has about 240 locations in 43 states. The company was founded in 1976. Great Harvest bakeries grind Montana wheat berries into whole-wheat flour each day. As a freedom franchise, the local owner gets to make the decisions on how to run the local store.

The La Crosse store offers honey whole wheat, harvest white, cinnamon chip, high five fiber and specialty swirls each day, as well as a rotating selection of other specialty breads on alternating days of the week.
There are several choices of fresh made sandwiches available for lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The sweets menu includes items such as oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, berry cream cheese scones, caramel apple bread and muffins, brownies and Savannah bars.

So please come join us to see the quality and goodness that goes into this great bread making process.

After the tour and presentation, stay for networking with dinner to include a variety of sandwiches with chips, beverage, and goodies for dessert (e.g. brownies, lemon bars, and cookies).

Cost: $20 for members and/or guests ($10 for Students)

Please contact me at if you are only going to the event and not the dinner. Thank You! 

Your Host: Great Harvest Bread Co.

MessageASQ Section 1216 invites you to the Great Harvest Bread Co. to experience the quality and goodness that makes up their great bread making process.

58 Copeland Ave., La Crosse, WI 54603
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When: September 20th 2016, 5:30 PM